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30 October 2019 - 31 October 2019
Brussels, Belgium
Water Knowledge Europe (WKE2019)

H2020 List of Calls

Please find below the list of H2020 Calls. Do not forget to fill in the Marketplace section within your profile (select the calls that interest you and the type of collaboration you are looking for.


1 FET 2020-H2020-FETPROACT-EIC-08-2020: Environmental Intelligence, b. radically novel approaches to resilient, reliable and environmentally responsible insitu, RIA (1 st, budget 18M, upto 4M per project)
2 FET H2020-2020-FETPROACT-EIC-08: Environmental Intelligence, a. new techniques for creating and using dynamic models of environmental evolution, RIA (1st, budget 18M, upto 4M per project)
3 FNR CE-FNR-17-2020: Pilot circular bio-based cities – sustainable production of bio-based products from urban biowaste and wastewater
4 LEIT NMBP H2020-2020-CE-SPIRE-07: Preserving fresh water: recycling industrial waters industry (IA, single stage, 8-12 per project, multiple projects)
5 LEIT NMBP H2020-CE-SPIRE-01-2020: Tapping into the potential of Industrial Symbiosis, IA (single stage, budget 113,5 M, 12-20 M per project, multiple projects)
6 LEIT NMBP H2020-CE-SPIRE-07-2020: Preserving fresh water: recycling industrial waters industry, IA (1st, budget 113,5 M, 8-12M per project)
7 LEIT-SPACE H2020-DT-SPACE-25-EO-2020: Big data technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Copernicus, RIA (1st, budget 10M, 2-4M per project)
8 LEIT-SPACE H2020-LC-SPACE-18-EO-2020: Copernicus evolution: Research activities in support of the evolution of the Copernicus services, RIA ( 1st, budget 10 M, 1-1,5M per project)
9 LEIT-SPACE H2020-LC-SPACE-19-EO-2020: Copernicus evolution: new concept for an innovative and holistic solution for Sentinels calibration & validation, CSA (1st, budget 3  M, upto 3M per project)
10 LEIT-SPACE H2020-LC-SPACE-24-EO-2020: Copernicus evolution: Mission exploitation concept for WATER, CSA (1 st, budget 3M, upto 3M per project)
11 SC1 SC1-BHC-29-2020: Innovative actions for improving urban health and wellbeing - addressing environment, climate and socioeconomic factors
12 SC1 SC1-BHC-36-2020: Micro- and nano-plastics in our environment: Understanding exposures and impacts on human health
13 SC2 2020-H2020-CE-FNR-09: Pilot action for the removal of marine plastics and litter, IA (1 st, budget 12 M, upto 6M per project)
14 SC2 H2020-2019-2020-BG-07: The Future of the Oceans Flagship Initiative [C] Technologies for observations (IA)
15 SC2 H2020-2020-BG-10: Fisheries in full ecosystem context (RIA)
16 SC2 H2020-2020-SFS-01: Biodiversity in action: across farmland and the value chain, 2020-[c] From agrobiodiversity to dynamic value chains (RIA, budget ..M, ..M per project)
17 SC2 H2020-FNR-04-2020: Towards a European research and innovation programme on soils and land management  (CSA, 1 st, budget 1,0M, 1M per project)
18 SC2 H2020-SFS-21-2020 - Emerging challenges for soil management (previous title: Soils going global)
19 SC2 H2020-SFS-40-2020: Healthy soils for healthy food production 
20 SC3 LC-SC3-RES-20-2020: Efficient combination of Concentrated Solar Power and desalination (with particular focus on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region)
21 SC5 2020-H2020-CE-SC5-29: A common European framework to harmonise procedures for plastics pollution monitoring and assessments (CSA, 1st, budget 2M, max 2M per project)
22 SC5 2020-H2020-CE-SC5-30: Plastics in the environment: understanding the sources, transport and distribution of plastics pollution, ( RIA, 2st, budget 5M, 2-3 M per project) 
23 SC5 H2020-2020: LCA-CLA-11: Innovative nature-based solutions for carbon neutral cities and improved air quality (IA) budget 30M, 10M per project)
24 SC5 H2020-2020-CE-SC5-25-2020: Understanding the transition to a circular economy and its implications on the environment, economy and society (RIA) budget...M, 3-4M per project
25 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-12: Advancing climate services c. Impacts of overshooting (RIA, 1-2st?, budget?M, 4-6M per project)
26 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-12: Advancing climate services, b) Detection and attribution of extreme events using Artificial Intelligence (RIA) budget ..M, 4-6 per project
27 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-12-2020: Advancing climate services, a) Mapping European coastal infrastructure at risk from sea-level rise (RIA) budget ..M, 4-6 per project.
28 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-13: Climate Resilience of coastal cities, (RIA), budget 15M, 10 per project.
29 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-15: Understanding water-energy-food nexus and streamlining waterrelated policies (RIA) budget... M, 4-6M per project
30 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-16b: Multi-hazard risk management for risk-informed decision-making in the E.U. (RIA, 2 stage 5M€ budget 3-5M per project)
31 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-22-2020: Enhancing the Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action on Climate, Environment and Health (CSA) budget..M, 2M per project
32 SC5 H2020-2020-SC5-27: Enhanced natural treatment solutions for water security and ecological quality in cities.
33 SC5 H2020-2020-SC5-33-2020: Monitoring ecosystems through research, innovation and technology, (CSA, 3M budget, 3M per project)
34 SC5 H2020-LC-CLA-19-2020: Integrated GEOSS climate applications to support adaptation and mitigation measures of the Paris Agreement (RIA) budget...M, 4-5M per project
35 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-14: Understanding climate-water-energy-food nexus and streamlining water-related policies
36 SC5 H2020-2020-LC-CLA-23: Towards a comprehensive European mountain research strategy
37 SC5 SC5-21-2019-2020: ERA-NET Cofund action for climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
38 SC5 SC5-34-2020: ERA-NET Cofund action on conservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems and their biodiversity, including a focus on aquatic systems


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